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February 23, 2016: NY1 Television Interview
Entrevista en español con Eddie Venegas y Papote de Los Hacheros:

July 16, 2015: EL MUNDO (ESPAÑA)
"En los veinte primeros minutos de concierto quedó claro que Marc Anthony no es sólo, Marc Anthony. Es toda la banda y equipo que lleva detrás, a los que dejaba siempre en sus canciones poder mostrar su virtuosismo. Entre todos ellos, el más destacado, el violinista, que dejó constancia que se puede bailar y tocar al mismo tiempo. Algo digno de ver." Para leer mas: haz click aquí
"In the first twenty minutes of the concert, it became clear that Marc Anthony is not only Marc Anthony. It's the entire band and team behind him, those he always lets show off their virtuosity in his songs. Of them all, the most outstanding, the violinist, who proved he could dance and play at the same time. Something worth seeing." 

“Mr. Venegas, the first violinist, was a tower of strength throughout. He played a Piazzolla solo in which you just felt hints of tango threading through the rhapsody: descending pizzicati were contrasted with marvelously mellow tone in legato, and the pauses between phrases were exquisite.” To read more: click here

May 3, 2009: THE NEW YORK TIMES:
“There were just enough diversions — fluent, wise solos by the trumpeter Richie Viruet, the flutist Itai Kriss and the violinist Eddie Venegas, full of flow and tension.” To read more: click here


“What an amazing experience. This virtuoso quartet brings a freshness and inventiveness to every note they play. The audience was enthralled, and I was simply blown away.”
– STUART MALINA, Tony Award-winning conductor

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Sweet Plantain, both for my own compositions and for artists I’ve produced. Their playing is very precise, yet passionate, and the fact that they’ve studied both classical and popular music makes them very versatile players.”
– RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, Grammy, Golden Globe, & Academy Award-winning composer